About the Artist

Laurie has has worked in many facets of art, both in the fine arts and commercial arts genres. Her areas of experience include portraiture, illustration, painting, airbrush, screenprinting, models, maquettes and dioramas, museum and tradeshow exhibitry, props, set design and production, show-set design, color-boarding, ceramics, graphic design, photography, signage, studio sculpting, on-site cement sculpting, fiberglass/epoxy, moldmaking, typesetting, copy writing, art direction, and project management.

In 1981 she joined a top quality, custom, Michigan exhibit house where she spent over five years polishing her fine arts talents into commercial arts skills, before moving into freelance. She then relocated to the Orlando area in the fall of 1991. Working the local scenic shop circuit for three years she has enjoyed contracting independently for the past seven years, with such exciting clients as Disney, Disney's Animal Kingdom, MGM, Universal Studios, FL and Islands of Adventure, Seaworld Wild Arctic and Keywest, the Orlando Science Center, Fantasy of Flight, and the Commissioner of Tourism with the St. Maarten island government.

The images you will see as you view her portfolio demonstrate her work in many of the areas mentioned. The online portfolio is by no means complete; there is still much to add to this site. Most pieces shown are made entirely by Laurie Ward. In two instances the painting was contracted separately, but, in all instances, the forms are entirely her's. The (2) "Jaws" billboards required a crew of six, and three, respectively. The WDW "Tree of Life" branches had a core crew of 3. The movie star (Branson wax museum) billboard had a crew of many, with Laurie Ward providing the images of John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe only.

Please enjoy browsing the portfolio, but please respect that these are images of custom-made pieces that are copyrighted and belong solely to the owners and the artist.